To begin is to imagine…

We express ‘a thing is itself’ as
or commonly: A is A, and so
the crucial fact about something is knowing it:

Therefore:: the Structure of Being has two parts

Hypothesis: The crucial fact about something,
is knowing it.

This is correctly expressed as
A is A.

Let Being be demonstrated as

What is the Meaning of this?

is Reflexive; and here means an ‘imaginary’ line.

commutative_0005 copy
is Commutative; and here like the X,Y axis is in a FLAT plane.

is Transitive; and here is “a point in space.”


Transitivity is 3 dimensional.
Commutativity is 2 dimensional.
Reflectivity is 1 dimensional.

SO that is the Meaning of the Structure of Being

This Abstract Thinking allows us into the Meaning of Sculpture

Again, it began … one dimension is between two points,
two points are on a flat plane
and in space, a point is 3 dimensional
therefore, a point is transitive: A = B = C.

(pics). (pics: Net, Quatrapods, Polycubeoctahaedron)
meta atom 002bw

Sculpture needs its language too

We will have to ask another question

The Meaning of the Plane

We have already established that meaning requires comment, so

Greenberg, Rosenberg, and Steinberg
created a persuasive theory of: FLAT –
that is: Painting to the Picture Plane.

And Spencer has: A knight gently pricking on the plane.

A sculptor is given ‘the Cube.’
Meaning says, he is either a Nihilist, or
he puts ‘a-cube-on-the-face-of-the-cube!’

Leonardo, the Mathematician who says it ALL in PolyCube


Cubes on the faces of the the Cube, and limited.

Tessellated in Literature is constructed to mean: the Horizontal
as differentiated from the Vertical: our ideas are sky high; but our physical nature is prostrate.
This meaning thrusts Cubism into the FLATness of Planes.
And Smith into Cubi.

SCULPTURE is! and needs its Language too!

Euclid gave us the Language for Logical Thinking.
Liebnitz demonstrates the Axiom of Transitivity:
‘… if A contains B and B contains C, then A contains C … (because B already contains C)….”
DaVinci, the polycube, and Gonzolas, the tesselated line.


The Conclusion wrought in the forge is deconstructed.