Selected Exhibitions



1991 The Local Gallery, NYC – Head Shop – 11 forgings on an I-beam – solo
1985 Ground Zero Gallery, NYC – Robeert Parker
Vox Popoli, NYC – Hack License
1983 Storefromt for Art and Architecture, NYC – Axiom of Identities
2005 Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Museum, NYC – “Opener 3,” forged, fabricated
Gallery One Twenty Eight, NYC – “Truckbike,” fabricated steel, rubber, oil
Snakemonkey Gallery, NYC – “Opener 2,” forged, fabricated steel, painted
2004 Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Museum, NYC – “Cyber-eddy’s,” forged steel

2002 Museum of New Art, Detroit – Ground Zero, curated by Frank Shifreen, “2,” fabricated steel, painted

2001 CUANDO, East Village, NYC – From the Ashes: Artists Respond to 911, “Bird – on a Pillbox,” forged, fabricated steel                                                                                                                                              “The Cyclopse Wife,” forged steel
1998 New Museum, NYC – curated by Greg Shaelette, “Taxi Cubits,” fabricated steel (partial installment)
ABC No Rio, NYC – Benefit, curated by Scot Seaboldt,
Times Square Hotel Lobby Gallery, Times Square, NYC – Art and theGarden, “Pond of Despond,” forged,  fabricated  steel
1997 La Bacheca Gallery, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy – I am from Lower East Side,
curated by Andrea Portes, “ 20 Heads,” forged steel; “Hold the Hammer Right,”16mm short film b/w
La Plaza Culturale, NYC – Sculpture in the Garden, curated by Caroline Ratcliffe, “Soul Eater,” “Porcus, Porci,  Porcum,”                                               forged, fabricated steel
1996 ABC No Rio, NYC – Fifteen Years, “Medicine Man,” steel, “Chopper,”wood, forged steel, electric motor, tape recorder, paint
Catch 22 Gallery, NYC – “Fat Boy,” steel
Kenkelba House Sculpture Garden, NYC – “2,” fabricated steel, painted
The Lower East Side Ecology Center, NYC – Defiant Ones, curated by Clyde Romero, “Porcus Porci Porcum,” forged,                         fabricated “2,” fabricated steel, painted
1995 Container Gallery, NYC – Shipping Show, G and R Parker, (two person) painting and forged, fabricate steel –
Mayana Gallery, NYC – Rumpus, curated by Alan Moore, “Bird,” forged, fabricated steel
1994 American Fine Arts Gallery, NYC – Benefit, “HeadScape,” steel
Clayton Gallery, NYC – Art Party Pravda, “3 Forged Heads”
1990 AFR Fine Art, Washington, DC – Rivington School or wat?, “Bust or wat?,” steel, plaster
Bullet Space, NYC – Your House is Mine, curated by Andrew Castrucci, “Stove,” steel,
1987 Gallery 128, NYC – Rivington School Show, “25 Cubits,” steel
1986 CUANDO, NYC – Goya, conceived by Sandro Dernini, “Uranus,” steel, gasoline motor, fiberglass, globe

1984 Kenkelba Gallery, NYC – Chill Out, curated by Steve Kaplan, “Windmill,” acrylic

Kamikase, Chelsea, NYC -   Nagasaki, curated by Pan Arts, “Chariot,”steel, wood, fur
Civilian Warfare, NYC – 25,000 Artists, “Instigation,” steel
No Se No Gallery, NYC – Steel: Tovey and Parker – forged figures, fabricated steel
1983 Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada – Lecture: Proof the Axiom of Identities is Geodetic
New York Ocean Army Terminal, The Terminal Show, Brooklyn, NY
Monolith, curated by Rhonda Zwillinger and Barbara Kopit
No Se No, NYC – 99 Nites, “Fire Exit,” installation
1981 A’s, NYC – Salon, curated by Arleen Schloss, “Hardware,” steel
1980 Times Square Show, Times Square, NYC – curated by Collaborative Projects (COLAB), “Block,” steel
1993 Gallery Eigen Art, NYC – Exercises in Presentation, “Explanation”
1985 Bond Street Gallery, NYC – Stigmata, curated by Steve Kaplan, “Nailed to the Cross”
Rivington School, NYC, Blacksmith on the Corner
1983 Danceteria, Chelsea, NYC – Unstoppably Watchable: 30 seconds, “Berserk”
1982 Wooster Street Gallery, NYC Performance Series, The Flat Corner
Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, NYC, Monday Nights. “Five Feet”
1997 Sardinia….
1995 New York, Portraits of the City by Luc Sante
1994 Inside Out: the artworld of the squats by Alan Moore
1993 “New York Newsday,” The Blacksmith of Avenue B by A. Hartocolis
1985 Eastvillage 85, A guide. A documentary by Roland Hagenberg, Alan
Jones, Michael Kohn, Carlo McCormic, Nicolas Moufarrege
1983 “New Yorker,” Talk of the Town
1986 Our Wonderful World – NHKTV, Tokyo, Japan
1985 Starving Artists – by Paul Lamarre and Milissa P. Wolf
1981 Hijack Art Show – Guelph Cable, Ontario, Canada – live remote, R & G Parker
1979 Art Farm – a video – by Robert Parker @ Alan Moore’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday Video Club -20 min
1975 Salem Forge – a video by Nora Hutchinson
1992 Change Inc, NYC
1975 Ontario Arts Council, Ontario, Canada
1978 Voorhees Technical Institute, NYC – machine tool and architecture
1975 University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada – studies on Wilfrid von Liebniz
1974 University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada – philosophy, English
1972 Expo ’67, Montreal, Quebec, Canada -Apprentice blacksmith, ‘Pavilion des Arms,’ under Master Yakob Lischer
Loyola University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – private studies in metallurgy
1971 Waterloo Lutheran University, Ontario, Canada – Bachelor of Arts, Geography/English
1984-1989 Rivington School, Rivington and Stanton Streets, NYC – blacksmith
1981 ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street, NYC – Founding President
1974 Ed Video, Guelph, Ontario, Canada – member
2006- 656 Snake Hill Road, Walton, NY
1999-2005 The Lot, 831 Kent Ave., Brooklyn
1994-1999 Container Gallery, 525 East 13 Street, NYC
1991-1994 Sucker’s Hole Forge, 545 East 13 Street, NYC
1989-1991 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY
1984-1989 Rivington School, Rivington and Stanton Streets, NYC
1984 2B, Avenue B and 2nd Street, NYC
1979-1984 Robert Parker’s Forge at 619 East 11th Street
1975-1979 Art Farm
1973-1075 Blacksmithshop Salem, Ontario, Canada
1972 Pavilon des Arms, Expo 67, Isle St Helen, Montreal
Lawrence Lewis – “Beer Opener,” fabricated and forged steel, 3’X20”X8”, 2004
Gregory Lehman – “Tarred and Feathered,” forged steel, tar, feathers, 9”X3”X21/2”,
Margaret Bazura – “Figure” forged steel, 3”X11/2”X1/4”, 1984
Clayton Paterson – “Snout” forged steel, 6”X6”X 4”, 1993
Justin………………..”Cube.” forged steel, 21/2”X21/2”X21/’2”, 1992
Clayton Paterson – “Painted Cyberneddy, “ forged steel, 4”X2”X2” 1995
Clayton Paterson – “Cyberneddy Bozon # 38 (the last)”, forged steel, fabricated,
4”X4”X31/2”, 1998
Ralph Gansell – “Court Drawing,” paper, ink, 51/2”X8”
Margaret Bazura – “Ayatolla, ” forged steel, 5”X21/2”X1”, 1999
Clayton Paterson – “Porcus Porci Porcum,” forged, fabricated steel, 16”X14” 1995
Philip Graham – “Head #5” forged steel, 3’X3”X3”
Margaret Bazura – “Cyclopse,” forged steel, 8”X21/2”X21/2” 2000
Colin DeLand – “Falling Man # 3, fabricated steel, 6”X5”X1” standing mobil , 2001
Andrew Castrucci – “ Taxi Cubits” 1985
Toyo Yuki – Cyberneddy Bozon # 31, forged steel, 4”X2”X21/2”, 1998
Schola – Cyberneddy Bozon #9, forged steel 4”X2”X2” 1994
Andrea Portes – “Cyberneddy Bozon #23”, forged steel 4”X2”X2” 1997
Sardinia (Lawyer)?… “Proof the Axiom of Identities is Geodetic,” #5, steel,
brass, tin, 9” diameter, 1980, “Cyberneddy Bozon #18”, forged steel, 4”X2”X2”
Sandra Jacobson – “Cyberneddy Bozon #32”, forged steel, 4”X3”X2”,
Gino ……….. – “Head #11,” forged steel, 3”X2X2”
Amy Parker – “Head #9,” forged steel, 4”X2”X2”
Gregory Parker – “Head #3 (Headscape),” forged steel, 4” X2”X2”
1997 Toyo Yuki – “Figure,” forged steel, 5”X2”X1”, 1984
‘The World’, NYC – “Hack Liscence” deconstructed steel, DC lights, 8’X6’X 30”
Colin DeLand – “ Torus,” marble, 15”diameter, 1984
Tehching Hsieh – “Proof the Axiom of Identities is Geodetic # 4”, steel, brass, tin
9” diameter, 1980
Tod “Proof the Axiom of Identities is Geodetic # 2”, steel, brass, tin, 9”
diameter, 1980
Gregory Lehman – “Proto – Proof the Axiom of Identities is Geodetic”, steel,
brass, 8” diameter, 1980
David Kennedy – Axiomatic Abstraction. forged steel, fabricated, 24” wall piece
mobile, 1979
1997 Tompkins Square Park, First Run, NYC “Bone,” wood, 12’X2’X2.5′
1978 Voorhees Technical Institute, Backdrop (axiomatic) steel, 6’X3’X20’

90 Dunk Hill Road

Walton, NY 13856