meaning is what we know
does something mean something, can we say anything about it?
when we look at something, name it, believe in it, we are saying about it what is – our grey matter celebrates! meaning not only looks at everything we do. an answer is not just an answer: an answer is a recognition, an understanding – a knowing.
meaning is itself a being: the object is the knowing.

a formal logic which says ‘a thing is itself’ means something only if it is known
to know something is to possess it
it takes the thing and the knowing
without the knowing: nothing exists!
or something so simple, it asks a question

that physical geometry (pic) expresses that: A is A.

there is a structure to this
and in fact this is the language of being

sculpture is theoretical: by the FLATNESS theory and by
transitivity. (transitivity is itself broken down into three dimensions. each dimension is a reflective.)

Transitivity ‘contains’ the point, while Flatness expresses it.


flatness is the cube on the face of the cube! (Corollary of “…the integrity of the picture plane….” Clement Greenberg, Rosenberg and Steinberg.)


Euclid’s ‘imaginary line’ is the distance between two points, and so is reflective.


a cube on the face of a cube is reflective: is the language of awareness.


therefore ‘flatness’ is reflective.


flatness and transitivity merge at reflection; but transitivity …
carries us to two points! … A = B = C at the one end (the thing) and A = B = C at the other (cognition).


sculpture proves this!

….2014, Mar.1through7